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Undersink Water Filters (UK Water Filters Ltd)

Undersink water filters are the perfect solution to good family health and great tasting water straight from your tap.

This water filter from Water Filters UK Ltd fits neatly under your sink, and installation is so simple you donít need a plumber to do it for you. The powerful multi stage filtration system filters out all harmful contaminants which can be found in tap water, including chlorine, pesticides and other pollutants such as rust and dirt.

Filters are manufactured from extruded activated carbon block, made from coconut shell carbon (coconut being a natural and edible product thereby making it harmless when compared to other filter media). Activated Carbon Block also has a much larger surface area thereby making its absorption rate much higher than granular carbons.

The high performance cartridge provides up to 3 litres of fresh and clean water to your tap every minute. For performance and safety, the cartridge should be changed every six months which is a two minute job. A convenient reminder system lets you know when a change is due. Replacement cartridges are only £15.95.

At £59.95 with a three year guarantee, itís a great buy.

Undersink Water Filters

For further information: Undersink Water Filters

UK Water Filters Ltd
The Yard
87 Park Hall Rd
SE21 8ES
United Kingdom
Website http://www.uk-water-filters.co.uk
Telephone 0845 120 6369
News Ref:1616

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